ughh I miss her so much



In other news, Sanna Veerman from Turnz Amsterdam (where Noel trains) is doing a Dos Santos II on a track. She was born in 2002.

I was going through all the pictures I took at 2010 worlds & I found this one and now I just want to cry because I miss Pitic and her fabulous toepoint way too much……………………….

Listen carefully, ladies and gentlemen!



She just received a medical approval (after 14 months) to restart training a competitive level.

It’s not sure when we will see her in a competition again, but now she is gonna work to have all her skills back.

She also wrote this on her facebook page:

”I would…

Andreea Iridon, 2014 Junior Europeans, All Around Final.

Andreea Munteanu 2014 European Championships → Balance Beam Qualification

omg that fall scared me

Seda is happy about Melnikova but Bondareva wants to shoot her. LOL

Lovely floor routine by Catherine Lyons.

The only thing I really don’t like about her is that she flexes her wrists so much, it’s distracting to me & I think her routine would be nicer if she didn’t do that so much.

Dutch junior team is falling apart.

falls all over the place. Why oh why must our 2 best juniors be injured …………………….. :’(