Gainer dismounts off beam have taken over the Dutch National Team…

And I hate it. It just looks so easy and I find it a really dissappointing ending, especially after a really great routine. But hey, piked gainer is a C and layout a D, so I guess it’s just a better choice for them but still…. UGHH

LAURA you are too cute!

Aliya looking stressed after Grishy injured her knee. 


posted 2 weeks ago

Baby Eythora’s dance makes me happy

Speaking of scary falls at the African Championships.
Also wtf is wrong with that coach. He just walks away….


I’m still soooo in love with this routine. This is so great. The double pike is fabulous. Also normally I hate it when gymnasts stand in the corner so long that they end their tumbling pass along with the music, but here I love it, it seems fitting. I need Grishy baaaack


Both Eythora Thorsdottir and Noel van Klaveren won’t participate in the Dutch euro trials so won’t be on the team. This sucks cause we already lost Chantysha Netteb, Wyomi Masela and Celine van Gerner due to injury. Those 5 would be our strongest team. This sucksssssss and now I think the dutch federation won’t even send a full team. UGHHH


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