WTF NOOO Marcel Nguyen tore his ACL….

Germany is really screwed for worlds now and they had so many injured gymnasts already

candycoateddoom asked: Ellie Black

send me a gymnast and I’ll tell you



  • my favourite routine of hers
  • fave leo
  • worst leo
  • what I like most about her gymnastics
  • what I dislike most about her gymnastics
  • dream skill(s) for her

Paula Tudorache, illusion turn

YAYYY another upgrade for Larisa! Church to Pak!

Not her best routine tho, but good that she’s upgrading!

Larisa Iordache won the AA title at Romanian Nationals today!

Not that that is a surprise haha!

She now does flic-tuck full, roundoff-layout full and flic-layout in her beam routine!! She also has the double pirouette back in her routine, instead of the Y turn.

Her floor tumbling is almost the same except her 2nd pass is a tuck full-in now and her last looks like a piked full-in, though I am not sure cause the video I saw was a little blurry.

Go Pika!

OOOH Sae has ‘How to train you dragon’ floor music!

How did I not know this…..

Laura Jurca, 2014 Youth Olympics, Podium Training

Bailie Key when she was 8…. Now I feel old!

"Cheers" to Bailie

Bailie is out of Nationals as well…