My thoughts on the AA…

First of all: These three gymnasts were on my dream podium, only it was Vika-Gabby-Aliya….. I’m happy Gabby won but I really wanted Vika to win…

-Vika had the floor routine of her freakin life, it was gorgeous, but I think she gave it away on vault, stepping off the mat on her amanar. I cried after her floor routine because even though it was the best routine I’ve ever seen her do, I knew it wouldn’t score the 15.400 she needed…

-I’ve always liked Gabby and I’m glad she won, even though I wanted Vika to win. Gabby is an amazing gymnast, before the all-around I was afraid she was going to ‘headcase’ it but she didn’t and she proved the world what an amazing gymnast she really is!

-Aliya!! My Musty got the bronze! What an amazing bars set from her! Sorry to GB fans but I’m hoping she will be Olympic Champion on bars! Despite the fall on beam Aliya showed us what a beautiful and artistic gymnast she is, and considering she completely destroyed her knee just a little over a year ago, what a comeback queen! I’m glad she got the bronze!!

-Poor Aly…. I never really liked her gymnastics but she is solid and she is someone you can really count on in your team. Finished 4th 2011, and now, due to the tie-breaking rule, 4th in 2012. Really, why do we need tie-breakers? Just give Aliya & Aly both a bronze medal! This rule sucks and I’m so sad for her! Just to know that you scored the same as the bronze medal winner but you don’t get a medal!

-Sandra: YOU GO GIRL! Amazing competition for Sandra Izbasa! If only she would’ve had a great bars set haha, she could’ve medaled!! 5th place in the all-around with especially great Floor & Vault!

So that was the top 5, other thoughts:

- Larisa Iordache in 9th place… WHY did she have to get injured right before the Olympics…. :(
She had good bars, pretty wobbly beam and then did a downgraded floor routine and a good DTY. Had she been healthy, whe would’ve seen her full difficulty floor, probably her amanar and also, she wouldn’t have held back… Pici I love you and I hope to see you in RIO for a second chance! Get fully healthy first please!!

- Also, kudos to CELINE van Gerner, the gymnast from my country, the Netherlands, who finished in a historical 12th place (the highest place my country ever had in aa was 19th in 1972?) I think she really had the best competition of her life today, with a personal record AA and UB score! Yay!

- Great job from GB’s cutest gymnast, Rebecca Tunney, finishing in 13th place with a big 15.000 on UB!

- Poor Hannah Whelan….. It’s not fun to faceplant a dty in front of the home crowd… I feel for her because she was having such a great year!

- Viktoria, Aliya in their gorgeous blue leo! Seriously, I want that thing!
- Larisa: We’ve seen the yellow version of this leotard (dubbed the Pikachu leo) and this ocean-blue version was just as pretty! It looked great on Larisa!
- Gabby & Aly, hmm I’m still not sure what I think of it. I kind of liked it, but also kind of didn’t. That’s all I have to say haha!
- Celine’s black leo with a sparkly orange tulip on it! Yay girl, represent haha! Tulip are typical dutch flowers and orange is our color! Great leo!
- Liked Huang’s leo, Deng’s not so much.
- Ferrari, I don’t want to see your shoulders!
- Didn’t really like Sandra’s leo, but it looked good on her.
- The GB leos were cute!
- Japan, why are they wearing this leo in podium training, quals, team final and now aa?!? I didn’t like the leo and I don’t want to see it again! (Wait what? Will we even see japan again this olympics? are they in any event finals? lol)

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    I agree with pretty much everything. I wanted the podium to be 1. Aly 2. Gabby 3. Aliya
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    Oopsie haha! I saw someone on twitter saying she was 4th in 2010. Oh well, 13th is still an unlucky number right? :P
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    YES YES YES ^^^^^^^^^ THIS. But Aly finished 13th in 2010…